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Today at work I had the cutest old man make my day:D He came in with his wife and his wife was asking about the former receptionist and I told her she was working at the Mirage hotel that she will be back at the end of the month since I was moving. He goes your moving? why? and I told him that I was moving to be with my husband and he looks over my desk and sees my picture of my husband in his dress blues and tells me oh your a lucky girl and I just started smiling. He left and then came back to talk to me again.. He asks me where I was moving to and I left him know Jacksonville, NC. He asks if Jonathan was already there and I told him yes and he goes well let him know I appreciate him for serving our country and I was like thank you I will let him know:) I love people that support our troops.

To top it off today is 8 months of being married to my handsome husband and next week is 10 months since we got together

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